The Chateau des Fleurs dream was conceived long before it became a reality. As early as 2000, when its sister building, the Camille Beckman Factory, was erected, we envisioned additional spaces such as restaurants, an art gallery, space for afternoon teas, public gardens rife with wildflowers and careening honeybees, as well as a universal prayer space where all faiths will be welcomed.

Today, the next piece of this dream has coalesced into one of the most heartfelt and elegant venues in the country. With feminine architecture reminiscent of old world Europe, pristine marble floors, handmade molded oak doors with austere glass paneling, tall ceilings and plenty of windows to allow in pure, natural light, the Chateau brings to life elements of such architectural leviathans as the Palace of Versailles in France & Rosemary Verey’s Gardens in England. The public gardens are terraced with wide sweeping lawns dotted daintily with clover flowers and meadowfoam blossoms, a picturesque place to walk hand-in-hand with loved ones or to sit in stillness, breathing in the fresh air coasting in from the Boise River rushing by a mere hundred yards away.

As you enter the building, you are greeted by the sight of breathtakingly ornate crystal chandeliers, polished and twinkling in the airy, sweeping expanse of the grand hall. Here you will find yourself relaxing into the peace and quiet beauty of this space, lulled by the greatest living collection of art by master Mark Lajos of Hungary, whose work also adorned the Danube Palace over 100 years ago. Directly off the grand hall awaits the signature dining experience of Roghani’s Restaurant, where a vibrant, art-infused environment hosts authentic, mouth-watering international cuisine, wine pairings provided by our family’s vineyards right here in Idaho, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits grown and harvested from our on-site vegetable garden and orchard.

The journey has been a long one, both infinitely rewarding and, at times, full of challenge. Yet we are blessed by the opportunity to share art and beauty with others, creating a generational backdrop perfect for all of life’s momentous occasions. It is our dream that memories be made and shared here, with a grandfather one day walking his granddaughter down the same aisle he once walked upon to meet his bride. This is a place to gather where peaceful discussion can take place on difficult or controversial topics and learning can ensue. A space for fundraisers, business meetings, workshops and tea with friends; the Chateau des Fleurs is a divine space that brings us together with love and grace.