The Gardens at Camille Beckman Eagle Idaho


A brief introduction of our origin and our plans for the future

The Beginnings
The idea of shared moments is what spawned the beginning of the Chateau des Fleurs, the newest addition to the Camille Beckman campus that our family hopes will one day be a place of unity and memories for the entire community.  When the Camille Beckman factory was built in 2000, additional phases for a restaurant, art gallery, music area, public gardens and a universal peaceful prayer space were already drawn out with the hope they would one day come into fruition.  As we began to discuss this expansion, the project turned from a small collection of buildings to one major building and large gardens surrounding it.

The Future
Still in it’s infancy stages, our vision is to bring the most unique and beautiful architecture and experiences together here in Idaho, and create a destination space where people can not only come for events and delicious dining, but also where forums on equality, wellness and purpose can be discussed and furthered.  We envision a future where the conversation will be elevated in all attributes, from the physical building as a piece of art to the entire discourse surrounding it.  Seeing this as an opportunity to create something special in the community we grew up in, the Chateau brings to life elements from the Palace of Versailles in France, to Rosemary Verey’s Gardens in England and other international architectural phenomenons that all lend themselves to this inspiring lifelong project. With many more phases to come, the Chateau cannot be explained in a simple paragraph; it is a unique vision to be experienced by all.

The Journey
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