Maya Reneé

Maya Reneé moved to Boise, Idaho from Billings, Montana in 2006 and claimed the Treasure Valley as her home. She brings over 20 years of event planning and coordinating experience to Chateau des Fleurs and works diligently to ensure each client’s vision comes to life.
Maya has had a passion for celebrations since her childhood. She started by managing the booking calendar for her Father who was a Blues Musician at the tender age of 10 and then began hosting her own events when she was 14. In High School, Maya went on to being the President of the Activities Club, leading the organization and planning for all of the school’s formal events. After graduating in 2000 Maya took some time to focus on working with independent artists focusing on their portfolios and press kits, later transitioning into concert promoting for celebrity artists and independent artists earning her Boise’s Top Event Promoter in 2012. Maya continued to coordinate and plan private events ranging from celebrations of birth to celebrations of life; outdoor sporting events to Galas and Weddings.
Maya’s love for event planning/coordinating is a reflection of her love for connecting with new people, interest in workflows/operations and her belief of enjoying life and loved ones as much as possible with the time we are given.