Adam Gottesman

Music has been in Adam’s blood from an early age. His family encouraged him to perform in school choirs and musicals. As a teenager, Adam secretly enjoyed singing to his mother’s old Sinatra records. His baritone voice proved well suited to the “crooner” style.

At 19 Adam entered an amateur singing contest and won, surprising his friends who had no idea he liked Sinatra. Over the next few years, Adam won other amateur contests around England and Europe.

In 1992, Adam joined Carnival Cruise Lines as an on-board retail clerk. That year, a Christmas show for the ship’s crew gave Adam an opportunity to sing with the local house band. They were so impressed with Adam’s crooning, the band invited him to sing for the passengers, paving the way to all manners of performance over the next few years, partly under the guidance of Duke Daniels of “The Platters.”

In Boise now for 20+ years, Adam has performed at Zions Bank, Owyhee Plaza, Top of the Hoff, Peter Schott’s (at the Idanha), and Tamarack Resort and Cactus Pete’s with the late piano performer Darryl Schoenborn. For several years, Adam performed regularly at local French restaurant Le Coq Rouge.