Introducing The Grand Galerie

A promenade of crystal chandeliers and art welcomes you and your guests to the Grand Galarie. The Louie Mark (Mark Lajos) Grand Galerie is embraced on either side by breathtaking ballrooms and separated by delicately carved doors that mimic the filigree ironwork of the French Chateaus of bygone eras.

Lighting Control

Fully automated, customized lighting. Featuring nine beautiful chandeliers and available RGB downlighting.

Full Audio Hookups

We are a leader in event connectivity. A fully automated venue, we offer a wide range of modern hookup options, from 8′ projectors to 4K televisions, Senssheiser wireless microphones and more.

Seating for 300

A beautiful reception hall with with bright, natural lighting and marble floors for a perfect, timeless backdrop.