Dear friends, neighbors, and guests of both Roghani’s Restaurant and the Chateau des Fleurs,

With the sprinkling of the COVID-19 virus reaching us here in our home state of Idaho, it is time to reduce the temptation of dining out and take a brief recess from business as usual.

It is with both customers and employees safety in mind that we will temporarily close Roghani’s Restaurant (formerly known as Le Coq d’Or) for both lunch and dinner services, effective immediately.

We are also temporarily closing afternoon tea service held each Wednesday in the Platinum Ballroom.

As of this date we hope to resume service to our valued guests on May 1st.

The Chateau was built on the same company culture our sister company Camille Beckman was built upon; to provide jobs. With this in mind, we will do our best to offer alternative jobs for our staff who wish to continue working.

The front door may be locked but our offices are open and we will continue to work with future brides, charitable fundraisers, and other organizations. Please be sure to schedule an appointment at

We will follow the CDC, WHO and the Ada County Health Department guidelines, when they deem it safe to operate in a restaurant environment we will open our doors again.

To lighten your day we will continue to post the exciting garden projects taking hold in the Gardens of Camille Beckman via Facebook and Instagram.

See you all when the virus has been tamed.

The Roghani Family

Please let us know if you have anything that you would like to share with us.

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