Our family feels as though Idaho is the perfect place for vineyards! There’s actually some rich history behind the Roghani Vineyards label.

Over a 17 million year time span, the Snake River was twice covered in lava flows of basalt and silica rich rhyolite! In between those volcanic activities the enormous Lake Idaho was formed.

In 2005, the Roghani family acquired 3 established vineyards, Ellensburg, Miceli and Rock Creek. These vineyards were home to some of the oldest vines in the region and were cultivated on what once was the bottom sediments of that ancient Lake Idaho.

Today the Roghani Vineyards overlook the magnificent Snake River Valley. The fertile farmlands below send evening breezes toward this sun drenched slice of heaven.

Our wines are not only rich with history but with flavor as well. Some hold velvety notes of blackberries, black cherries, plums and cassis while others dance with flowering orange blossoms, sweet apricots and sun ripened white peaches.

Roghani Vineyards wines are exclusively sold in the Camille Beckman Gift Shop and in Roghani’s Restaurant at Chateau des Fleurs.

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