At Camille Beckman

The Gardens at Camille Beckman is a dream each day in the making.  Our vision is to create an inclusive space to share all forms of inspired truth and create beautiful experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

The Gardens at Camille Beckman currently host Camille Beckman’s factory and offices, our flagship gift shop, Chateau des Fleurs event destination and Le Coq d’Or restaurant.  The gardens include both public and private gardens, as well as farming around the perimeter of the land by an affiliated farming company and small businesses owned by local refugees.  Our future plans include facilitation of signature concerts, a Persian Tea Room and the ‘World Peace and Poetry Garden’.

Chateau Garden

Garden Salad

Inspired by our founder’s lives growing up on opposite sides of the globe, we bring the traditions of rural Idaho, the Middle East and Europe together to create an experience that unifies all people in our one common goal of living a beautiful life. Just as their love transcended the world and everything between them, our campus exists to bridge gaps and be a source of love and unity in our community.